Managing Change and Organizational Restructuring

Designing and facilitating small- and large-scale organizational change or restructuring efforts is one of our specialties. We help harness and coordinate the energy, interests, and resources of multiple and diverse stakeholders, maximizing each party’s contribution and making sustainable change possible. “Engaging the whole system” in whatever change the client wants to accomplish is one of our core operating principles and certainly one of our strengths.

The first step in achieving organization-wide change is ensuring that leadership is aligned and clear on their organizational direction and expectations. The next step is engaging everyone in the organization so they can have a “direct line of sight” between what they do each day and where the organization is headed. Any structures, systems, processes, or roles that no longer fit the new organizational direction need to be reassessed and modified to be in sync.

Our team is skilled and experienced in a wide range of change management approaches. Experience tells us that the most effective way to engage the whole system is to start with a smaller planning team that is representative of the whole. Planning teams partner with us and with organizational leadership to give us a “heads up” on what is going on in the organization. In addition, they provide feedback that helps us design and implement the most relevant and effective strategies to involve everyone in achieving productive and fast-paced change.

The investment in front-end engagement of the whole system pays off with implementation of any organizational change, new direction, or restructuring that is smoother, quicker, and ultimately more effective.