Building and Sustaining High-Performing Teams

Need people to work together more effectively to achieve greater productivity? Accellerate change? Launch a new product, service, or initiative? Engage large numbers of employees or stakeholders in visioning or implementing strategy?

Clients turn to Mason-Smith SUCCESS STRATEGIES to help them build and sustain high-performing teams that achieve superior results.  Regardless of the type of team – board, executive, work unit, project, or whole-organization – team members share common goals as well as the responsibilities and rewards for achieving them.  We help you assess your team’s unique situation, clarify your desired outcomes for team development, and create an inspired approach for achieving results. 

Specific services to build and sustain high-performing teams include:

  • Understanding the stages of team development
  • Team development focused on doing real work together
  • Lively experiential team activities to quickly build team member cohesion
  • Team check-in’s through individual interviews or team assessments
  • Increased understanding of individual differences and approaches
  • Team chartering – purpose, roles, and direction
  • Building team trust
  • Enhancing full team commitment
  • Building effective team communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Understanding change and transition
  • Managing change
  • Developing and implementing action plans for team results