Greg Gollaher, Principal Consultant and Graphic Facilitator

Greg Gollaher has the unique ability to enhance the experience of groups in an invaluable way. Described as part artist and part business consultant, he uses a combination of words and illustrations to capture (in real time) the ideas, challenges and conclusions presented in meetings, seminars and workshops.

A leader in the emerging field of graphic facilitation, Greg has extensively utilized graphic facilitation to increase meeting and training effectiveness and as a means to communicate vision, complex ideas, and intricate processes.

Armed with an MBA and experience in planning, information technology, business analysis, project management and training, Greg knows how to get to the heart of the issue and how to bring timely closure to key points in an engaging and entertaining manner. As a result, satisfied customers will have a concise, meaningful and artistic summary with which to refresh memories and rekindle the spirit of an exceptional experience.

What’s the most interesting thing you do in your work? Helping people visually articulate their ideas. It is very gratifying when a meeting participant declares, “Greg’s graphic really captures what I was trying to say!”

What’s your biggest success? I once graphically facilitated a meeting in Jerusalem on the topic of “Overcoming Religious Based Violence”. Meeting participants included Christian, Jewish and Muslim leaders. Not surprisingly, the meeting became a very emotional flurry of diverse facts, opinions, and ideas. Much to my relief (and, quite honestly, my amazement), participants were all impressed that I was able to accurately and fairly capture the key content of the meeting. They couldn’t wait to share it with their respective communities.